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Trucillo – Italian Espresso Culture


Trucillo coffee is present in Italy since 60 years and worldwide with a dynamic and structured commercial organization based on the work of qualified dealers and distributors in a constant dialogue with customers to assist them during the different phases of their activity.


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Trucillo manages with equal dedication to take care of both national and international markets, offering an excellent product that holds all the Tradition and Passion for the high quality coffee and able to satisfy the different needs and tastes of each market. For our coffee, we make a careful selection of top-quality Arabica and Robusta: naturally, we add a pinch of our passion, stirred in with vast experience, to obtain the right mix! The result is a unique blend, something exceptional, to be appreciated by connoisseurs, using the sum of their sensory perceptions.

Our coffee at once proclaims that we have selected our beans with utmost care. Only beans which are whole and completely ripe have passed the test: this is the story of our experience, for all who listen.


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